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10Pcs Purple Luxury Maquillaj Brochas Personalized Spoolie Eyeshadow Makeup Brush Set

Used With:  BLUSHER, CONCEALER, Eye Shadow, Eyeliner, FOUNDATION, Lip Liner, eyelashes, Lipstick

Handle Material:  Wood

Brush Material: Synthetic Hair

Style: Angular Blush, Fan Brush, Flat Brush, Apply paint, power brush, cone type, eye shadow brush

Brush Color: Purple

10 Pcs Makeup Brush Set

SKU: DYI-001
  • If the product has quality problems, please contact us as soon as possible after delivery. The cost of all returned goods shall be borne by the guest. (subject to our terms of the return)

  • If there is no stock, it will take at least 5 days before delivery. Our customer service team will contact you to confirm the exact delivery date.

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